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ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Mediafone, owner of the platform, is a company certified in ISO9001.

Mediafone is committed to continuously improving the quality of services provided to its customers, seeking to optimize their processes, and using the most advanced technologies.

In 2019, Mediafone defined its strategy to implement the processes to contemplate the requirements of the ISO 9001-2015 standard and consequently obtain the respective certification.

In July 2020, Mediafone achieved its goal by being awarded the Quality Management System Certification by the eiC certification company.

The Quality Management System implemented at Mediafone covers all the company's activities, namely, acquisition, production, marketing, and supply of audio and multimedia products and services.

With the implementation of the Quality Management System at Mediafone, the company is in a position to continuously identify improvements in its processes and in the services made available to Customers.

Mediafone is determined to continuously improve its QMS, through the search for innovation, training, qualification, and ethics of its human resources, which translate into trusting relationships with Customers, allowing to contribute with high added value by offering integrated and innovative solutions for your clients' business.


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