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Hire the best voice over e-learning service

At the WebAudioStore you can quickly and easily find professional voice over narrators for e-learning, located all over the world, speaker in more than 80 languages, accents and dialects.

The best voice over service, recording and mixing for e-learning.



Voice Over for e-learning

It does not matter how small or large your requisits for the voice over may be, you can count on our specialists in voice and audio production to deliver your project with:

-The ideal voice over talent:

-Recording in audio studio;

-Audio post-production: editing, mixing and masterization;

-File editing: cuts and file naming;

-Exportation of files for all necessary formats;


Our production teams along with our sound Engineers will find the best voice over narrators, record the voice over and deliver the project in the highest levels of quality.


You can request to follow the recording session live, remotely, and our team will confirm the voice talent availability and if there are adittional costs for the live session.


We spent two deacdes recording voice overs for thousands of clients, for different types of public and we know how an “incredible” voice can make your e-learning be heard at it’s best.


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