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Personalized messages for welcoming, out of hours, option menu and on hold

 WebAudioStore is your trusted source for high-quality voice over services for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) personalized on hold messages. When it comes to creating an exceptional telephone service experience for your customers, having professional voice talents makes all the difference. Our team specializes in producing personalized messages and professional voice overs for IVR systems and on hold messages. For over 20 years, we've been creating multilingual voiceovers, welcome messages, on hold messages, intuitive menu options, and informative closing messages. For virtual phone centrals, we have fitting solutions for the needs of each client.

Professional Voice Talents:

First impressions are fundamental. With our personalized welcoming messages you will greet your customers in a professional and friendly way.

Personalized On Hold Message

Being on hold doesn't need to be a monotonous experience. Transformthese moment into a branding opportunity with our personalized on hold messages. We offer captivating background music that keep your clients involved while waiting. Besides, our on hold messages can be adapted to transmit coporate and promotional information, making every second valuable.

Message for out of hours

After closing hours, make available the information to who calls your company. Inform regarding the public business hours, as well as opening days and website. Do not let your customers think they were not serviced.

Multilingual Voiceovers for IVR

To service a more diversified customer base, we offer voiceovers in many languages. Either for a global or local company, we create on hold messages for different languages to guarantee that all customers feel welcomed and understood.

On Hold message multi-language

If you work in many regions or service a global public, our multi-language on hold messages are the ideal solution. Guarantee that all your customers, independently of what language they speak, receive clear and relevant information while they wait.

Personalized phone service

 At the WebAudioStore, we are committed to providing voiceover solutions for phone systems that add value to your brand and enhance the customer experience. Count on us to transform your telephone service into an effective communication and branding tool.

Do not underestimate the power of professional voiceover for IVR and custom phone waiting messages. At the WebAudioStore, we offer a complete range of services to meet your specific needs. Work with us to create a phone service experience that leaves a lasting positive impression on your customers. Contact us today to get started. Your brand deserves the best voice.

Welcome, Menu, On-Hold - Multi-Language


On hold message - 4 languages


Welcome - Language Menu


On hold message - 3 languages


Welcome and Informative - Portuguese


On hold message - Portuguese


Closing - 2 languages


Closing 3 languages


On hold message - Hotel - 2 languages


Informative - Spanish


Informative 2 languages


Option Menu - English


Option Menu - Portuguese


On hold message - Portuguese


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