IVR Voicemail and On-hold messages

In order to answer clients' needs, WebAudioStore records and produces voice messages for corporate voice response in many native languages. 

Some examples:




Quality interactive voice response allows your company to improve on client and partners service, becoming more efficent and conveying a professional image.






Voice-Over for IVR - Interactive Voice Response


Voice response are customized voice recordings in IVR - Interactive Voice Response system, for companies' phone services. Messages are implemented into a IVR system in call-centres, telephone centrals, communications servers. 

IVR voice guides can be: welcome messages, forwarding menu, wait and informative answering machine messages.

WebAudioStore services offer customized copywriting, choice of background music, professional voice suggestion, multi-language option.




Customized Interactive Voice Response Voice-Over


Having a customized voice response message may increase your company's contacts. A customized message is the right solution that improves the quality of your company's customer service, monetizing phone calls waiting time. This channel enhances the relationship client/company, providing relevant information about your company to the client:


- Publicizing products and services;
- Strengthening the relationship company/client;
- Disguising the negative feeling of waiting;
- Enhancing contacts and sales;
- Creating a pleasant atmosphere for the client while waiting;
- Optimising a communication channel with relevant information.


The waiting call message relates to two main goals:


• Institutional - releasing institutional information about the company, its values, vision, activities, opening and closing  hours, location;
• Promotional - promoting your own brands, products and services.

Through WebAudioStore's services, your call waiting message can present tailored copywriting according to your needs, a professional voice that conveys trust and professionalism, background music for more enjoyable waiting time and multi-language options, in order to reach more customers from all around the world.