Voice Over for Audio Guides

Webaudiostore is a renowed audio company producer of multilingual audio guides,  multimedia interpretation and creative audio content for tourism, museums, tour guides.


We produce professional audio guides, voice over and narration services in all languages. Experienced voice actors to narrate audio guide apps, museum audio tours and videos.


We are specialized in contents for audio guide, applications for tourism sector and distribution of equipment: radio guides, audio guides and multimedia equipment. We integrate contents whit the best equipment solution for your business.



Audio Guides Multilanguage


At Webaudiostore, we produce the contents of audio guides in more than 80 languages. We create the scripts for your project, translate the audio guides and record the audio guides with experienced professionals in narration and locution of contents.


Our services can include:


Scripts for audio guides: Adaptation, advice and full scriptwriting, our expert copywriters are here to help you create your visit.


Translation for audio guides:  we translate the texts of the audio guides to more than 80 languages


Recording audio guides: With studios in Lisbon, Miami, Sao Paulo available to record your audio guides. We make live recordings with professional voice overs from anywhere in the world, directly to our studios. We also work in conjunction with studios in other places in the world (Spanish, French, Germany, Italy, USA, China, Japan, Russia, Netherlands, England).


Voices for Audio Guides: We have a platform of more than 1000 professional voices in 80 different languages. All of them are professional native voice overs.


Audio description: With experienced audio description professionals, we describing the place and the objects on show can be added in order to guide the visitor within the exhibition space and help him to build a mental picture of each object. We adapt your audio guide scripts for audio description.


Sign language: For the deaf and hard of hearing we also produce videos in International Sign Language, Portuguese Sign Language and other languages, signed by native signers.


Integrated: Equipment for Radio Guides, Equipment for Audio Guides, Multimedia equipment, equipment for Tour Guide, APP and other solutions for your project.



Audio Guide Equipment Solution


In addition to audio guides contents, Webaudiostore provides an audio guide hardware solutions system for:


  • Radio Guide
  • Audio Guide
  • Audio and Vídeo Guide
  • Tour Guide System
  • APP multimedia for tourism, museums and travel