Audio Guides

The WebAudioStore produces audio guides for your project: audio guide for museums, guided tours (city tours), exhibitions, tourism and tour guide systems.

Professional recording, with narrators and sound effects, giving added value and involving the ear in the story.

We produce audio guides for your tour guide system in all languages.


Tour APP Guide

In addition to audio guides, Mediafone provides an audio guide system through an APP, which can be adapted to: Museums - Museum Audio APP Guide, Travel and Tourism: Audio Travel Guide APP, Tour Guide APP, Audio Tour Guide System, Audio Tour Devices. 



Here's an example:

Museum Audio Guide APP or Tour Guide System


Main Characteristics:

- Text, Audio and Video Contents

- Halls, Spaces, Pieces, Itineraries: Museum interior and exterior (GPS), Descriptions and Multimedia

- Activation: Notifications by Proximity

- Institutional Area

- Remote Notifications

- Multilingual

- Dashboard: Activations vs Notifications

- IOS & Android

- Activation devices

- Events and News

- “Where am I?”

- Use / Customization of base platform