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Professional Voice Over Agency

We find the perfect voice for your project.

With our experience of decades in voiceover recordings, we are obesessed with finding the perfect voice actor, with the pitch and entonation our clients are looking for.

We search all over the world, any language, voice actors, voice artists and voice talents for each project.
We produce all types of voice overs: advertisement, voiceover for videos, voiceover for documentaries, e-learning, IVR's, social media, Apps, audio guides, animations, events and corporative voice over.

Voice Over Recordings

Besides finding the perfect voice for brands, we have a recording studio available to record voice overs with the voice actors and a technical team to coordinate the schedule with the talent and the client, independentely of the time zone. Sound technicians for recording and post-production.

For each project we analyse along with the Client the necessity to complement the service with a personalized casting, a voice over director for the recording session, translations to other languages, multimedia technician for video editing and TV adaptation, social media and advertisement.

We are prepared for remote sessions with our Clients and the Voice Actors all over the world, from our office in Lisbon.

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