Internet and the growth of the market network around the world made it more likely for your business to start growing outside of your country - thus your content should be spread out in several languages and in different markets.


Translation for Audio Recordings


Being a multi-linguage voice-over platform, provides translation services that allow your audio content to be published in different languages, being able to reach several customers around the world.


Professional Translators


We have a team of professional translators with native knowledge in every language who are experts not only in the language but also in its culture, accent and idiomatic expressions.


Translation Services


Translations are tailored at all service levels:

- Audio recordings for interactive voice response, ads, voice-over for videos and documentaries, dubbing, podcasts, Internet;
- Copywriting for advertising campaigns, corporate texts, copy for websites, newsletters, stationary;
- Videos - subtitling, dubbing, graphics editing.