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1.1. Selection and Evaluation

The evaluation of suppliers is increasingly a well-defined process whenever the quality of supplies is demanding. The market has developed and evolved in order to create closer links between customers and suppliers, partnership relationships between both parties are increasingly necessary for the proper functioning of the production area. In general, Mediafone evaluates its suppliers based on the following main points: price, delivery times and quality of services or products , responsiveness or absence.

The suppliers that Mediafone works with are always subject to an evaluation process, in order to establish a classification against the defined criteria.

Initially, they are evaluated as potential suppliers, and after an order is placed, they are evaluated as active suppliers;

The parameters underlying the assessment of potential suppliers are as follows:

  • Price;
  • Quality of services or products ;
  • Deadline

Regarding the evaluation of active suppliers, the criteria used for the evaluation are as follows:

  • Compliance with order or contract requirements;
  • Compliance with the delivery deadline;
  • Quality provision of services;
  • Ease of relationship with the supplier or service provider (eg billing, resolution of complaints, others).

In the evaluations (of potential and active suppliers) Mediafone classifies the supplier as “Approved”, “Pending” and “Not Approved”.

Within the scope of Mediafone's Quality Management System according to the NP ISO 9001:2015 Standard, we carry out an annual assessment of our suppliers' services.

The evaluation of suppliers is a tool used to validate compliance with the requirements of each supplier/supply, with the main objective of enhancing the positive points and minimizing the negative points, this evaluation being carried out on an annual basis.

Suppliers are evaluated according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Compliance with requirements
  • Deadline accomplishments
  • Handling complaints
  • Certification
  • Global Assessment

We also evaluated the provision compared to the previous year, identifying whether there was an improvement or degradation in the level of service provision.

After the assessment, and according to the result achieved, a classification is given and, in case of an assessment that is less than acceptable, measures must be taken in order to avoid future non-compliance.

Performance Assessment Level

Supplier Type

3 |   ≥ 70 % and 100%

Preferred / Approved

2 |   ≥ 50% and < 69%

Acceptable / Pending

1 |   <49%

Appeal / Not approved



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