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The platform with a wide range of professional native voice-overs from several countries around the world.




By registering and being present at a platform that lets companies and the market know about your voice, your skills will be always available for carrying out a job that is requested by a client.

Any announcer can register and fill out a professional voice profile at




You can register at the top right corner on Login - Register just by filling out the registration form. Your registration will be sent to you by e-mail for validation. After activating your account, you will be able to complete your profile and upload demos of your work in different tones-of-voice and styles.


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The profile registered at depends on the platform administrators' approval. All files uploaded by users need prior administrator approval before they are online and visible to all website visitors. This pre-selection at WebAudioStore ensures the announcement quality of all registered voice-overs.

It is free.
Registration as a professional voice at is completely free and is visible to all users who access the website from any location worldwide.