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A platform that offers professional voice-overs.

We connect professional voice-overs and companies and help businesses to find the right voice for specific projects.


With audio recording studios in Miami, Sao Paulo and Lisbon, we offer professional voice over – voice-over talents in more than 80 languages, as well as transcriptions, translations, subtitles, dubbing and video editing services.



At WebAudioStore.com, we own a database with the best professional male and female voice-overs, experienced in radio, TV, audiovisual productions, videos, documentaries, telephone services, audiobooks, and e-learning. WebAudioStore.com provides voice-overs from every language in several tones and accents.


Video Localization and Multimedia Services

We provide a wide variety of audio services, voice-overs, sound effects and music and localization of contents.

In addition to audio projects, WebAudioStore.com also offers video localisation services: transcriptions, translation, copywriting, subtitling, video production and video editing.

We guarantee high quality services, flexibility and confidentiality.
Select the right voice, ask for a quote and you will get an answer back in the next 24h to 48h.


Voice-over talents

Get to know WebAudioStore's professional voice-overs portfolio in different audio services.

Customers prefer WebAudioStore.com for finding the right voice-over for their business.

At WebAudioStore.com you will be able to find the perfect voice-over among a broad range of voice-over professionals that is increasing day by day. We follow the whole production process, as we proudly have a specialized technical team in the fields of audio, voice-over, editing and studio recording.
We guarantee quality audio services for your projects.


Quality / ISO 9001

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